Wes Gurnee

Wes Gurnee

PhD Student



I am a second year PhD student in Operations Research at the MIT ORC advised by Dimitris Bertsimas studying large-scale optimization, broadly applied. I am especially interested in analyzing and reducing existential risks emanating from emerging technologies (especially AI and biotech). In the past, I have done research on dynamical systems modeling, fair algorithms for congressional redistricting, and natural language processing.

Outside of work and research, I enjoy exercising, reading, and playing the guitar.


  • Optimization
  • AI Safety
  • Civilizational Resilience
  • Governance


  • PhD in Operations Research, 2026

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BS in Computer Science, 2020

    Cornell University


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(2022). Learning Sparse Nonlinear Dynamics via Mixed-Integer Optimization. Under Review.

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(2021). Combatting Gerrymandering with Social Choice: the Design of Multi-member Districts. Under Review.


(2019). Neural Open Information Extraction with Transformers. Technical Report.

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Software Engineer


Aug 2020 – Aug 2021
Engineer on the Storage Efficiency team. Working on building a canonical source for storage fleet telemetry data.

Executive Director


Jun 2020 – Present
Founder and executive director of Fairmandering, an organization focused on data driven redistricting reforms.